Luuk Janssens

Luuk Janssens

Design engineer in Rotterdam, NL


Hi there! 👋 I'm Luuk, a designer/developer based in Rotterdam, NL.

Currently working @bakkenbaeck


2023 is a TON (The Open Network) blockchain explorer, listing accounts, transactions, NFTs, and statistics among other TON-related data, based on technology created by Telegram.

Alongside building and expanding the site with new features, I created diagrams, looking for ways to visualise complex data into digestible graphs.


We created an application to measure and monitor all logistics and operations for AION's recycling plant, with a primary focus on improving the traceability of recycled plastics.

I translated the supply chain, warehousing, and manufacturing processes into a structured application design. I also developed the user interface of this application.


Company website.

While being closely involved with the design, I built the website and set up the CMS.


Application, marketing website and CMS for Pio, an automated warehousing concept.

I was involved in creating the 3D warehouse builder, and built the marketing website and CMS.


An office interior service based on subscriptions. Generating and visualising interior layouts with use of a 3D builder and AR.

I built the UI for the application which takes the user through all steps required to define their office setup. In collaboration with SPACE10.


Highly secure savings platform featuring dedicated admin and user applications, monitoring and processing large transaction volumes.

I built the UI for both admin and user apps, and created the marketing page.

Work Experience

2018 — Now

As a frontend developer at Bakken & Bæck, I create websites and applications within small teams with overlapping project responsibilities. Setting up frontend environments from scratch, while working closely with clients, designers and developers, to define the architecture and shape the product.

Projects are often MVP/POC’s. A significant aspect of my role involves researching, designing and prototyping, finding innovative solutions for the problems at hand.

2016 — 2017
Freelance Web Developer

Focussing on web development and creative coding projects. Researching and pushing the limits of UI/UX.
Creating interactive presentations for Heineken, Asics, and various other clients.

2012 — 2015

Focussing on branding & identity projects.

Side Projects


Infinite looping mini website I made for the DDD Decay event we held in the Bakken & Bæck office in Amsterdam. A nice excuse to play around with WebGL. Repository here.

9 to 5

Collaborating on innovative ideas while working on client projects throughout the week presents various challenges. Finding dedicated time can be tough, especially when coordinating schedules with colleagues.

To address this, I introduced "9 to 5" as a companywide framework, streamlining collaboration across all teams. With the implementation of a few basic preparation steps, allocating a full working day becomes straightforward, and ensures that each session will begin with a running start.


A personal playground for web-based animations and interactivity. Previous editions were archived on this Instagram account.

This fictional gallery will open 'tomorrow'.


"Designer Luuk Janssens’ modernist approach sees him focus on form and function"


"Why Grid-loving Dutch Designer Luuk Janssens Hesitates to Call His Design Dutch"


2015 — 2016
Master of Design at Luca Ghent

Graphic design

2012 — 2015
Bachelor of design at Sint Lucas Antwerpen

Graphic design

2009 — 2010
Tilburg University

Logistics and operations management
Partially completed

2005 — 2009
Bachelor of Engineering at Avans University of Applied Sciences

Industrial engineering



Fast Company named Bakken & Bæck as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2020, together with notable companies like Nike, Webflow and Form Us With Love.


Natural Leadership course from The Loop MC
Typography course from Plantin Institute for Typography